HeartWay 2016 S19 Passport Mobility Scooter with Lithium With Quickrelease Seat & Armrests Mobility Scooters

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All new 2016 s19 passport model – new design with quick release seat, adjustable armrests The heart way s19 passport is a lightweight portable power scooter. It weighs just 62 lbs with a single lithium battery and can support up to 250 lbs. The s19 can be folded up in one simple step that takes about one minute. It comes standard with a 16″ fish on seat and armrests are available as an option. The s19 offers a small turning radius and the overall footprint of a 3 wheeled scooter while having added stability from its 4 wheel design. The available color for the s19 is bronze. The lithium battery is airline certified so the s19 can be brought on an aircraft making it ideal for travel. Regulations can vary from airline to airline so it is best to check with your airline to make sure it is compliant with their regulations.1 Step easy folds-up, lightweight 46 lbs (heaviest piece), seat & armrest 10 lbs, good for travel

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