Drive Medical Sun Shade for Scooter, 38. 5″ x 24″ x 64. 5″ Motorized Scooter Accessories

Motorized Scooter Accessories


Price: $107.00

With the Power Scooter Sun Shade, Drive Medical Model SF8050, you don’t have to worry about harsh sunburn or shading your eyes. This sun shade, which fits Drive Medical scooter models Phoenix, Ventura, Prowler, Scout and Odyssey, will keep you cool in the summer reducing the risk of heat exhaustion. The Drive Medical Sun Shade provides a durable cover from the elements. Made of nylon its dimensions are 38.5″ (W) x 24″ (H) x 64.5″ (D) and there is an accessory port built into frame, allowing additional accessories to be used with the shade. This Shade is NOT for use with the following Drive Medical Model Scooter Models: Zoome Flex, Cobra, Spitfire EX, Odyssey GT, Maverick, and Bobcat.Provides easy-to-install nylon shade when traveling in your scooter outdoors

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