Personal Mobility Scooter

If you have been thinking about getting a personal mobility scooter you have a big decision to make. Here at our aim is to help you find the right scooter.

If you have been experiencing mobility difficulties but want to continue to be as independent as possible, then a personal mobility scooter may be just what you need. Using a mobility scooter lets you to continue to go from place to place as well as enjoying everyday life with friends and family members. Activities that would be impossible for those having mobility issues become possible with an electric mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters are safe to operate, easy to maneuver, and comfortable to ride in.

In terms of safety, mobility scooters have a wide variety of features to choose from to enhance your personal safety. For starters, a mobility scooter has a solid, stable base with enough weight to keep it firmly planted on the ground when you are getting on or off. Some models may also have wheel locks for further security.

Although mobility scooters are preset to allow moderate rates of speed, you can set your own maximum speed if you wish, so you remain in your comfort level at all times. To engage a scooter you have to move the tiller to go forwards or backwards. When you remove pressure from the tiller the scooter stops automatically, so there is no need to worry about locating and applying a brake to stop.

An electric mobility scooter is compact enough to be easy to navigate in areas where space is at a premium. With a mobility scooter, you can make turns in cramped areas, weave your way through the aisles at a grocery store, or go over ramps to enter homes or buildings.

Comfort is an important concern especially if you will be spending a lot of time on your scooter. By choosing a scooter that is rated for your weight, you can ensure the seat will be large enough to fit you properly. Seats are fully adjustable, with some scooters even offering swivel captain seats to make getting on and off a breeze.

They come standard with arm rests for added comfort and security. Some models have arm rests that flip back out of the way and are width, height and angle adjustable. On mobility scooters you are also able to adjust the handlebars/tillers to suit your seated height.

But with so many mobility scooters on the market, you may be wondering which one is right for you. There are a few things to consider before making your selection but your three basic choices are between 3 wheel mobility scooters, four wheel mobility scooters and compact scooters.

All three types have a wide variety of options. These include designs, colors, styles and various upgrades. Each type also covers a full spectrum of uses. The style of scooter that may best suit your needs will depend on where you plan to use it.

Comparing Personal Mobility Scooters

Three wheel scooters are best used indoors where surfaces are flat and smooth and space is limited. Because of their size and design they are easier to turn and maneuver so are a better choice than a four wheel scooter. They can be used outdoors but they do have some limitations.

Because they are larger, four wheeled scooters often come with a greater battery capacity so longer distances can be travelled before the battery needs recharging. This also allows you to use it for longer periods of time between recharges. This can be important if you plan on spending the day somewhere with your scooter,

For outside use, you’ll want a personal mobility scooter that provides more power, so you aren’t slowed down by hills or grassy areas. For uneven surfaces four wheel scooters are far superior to three wheel scooters because they provide more power as well as a greater degree of stability.

Another variable is weight.

The capacity of a three wheeled scooter will be less than a comparable four wheeled scooter. Capacity includes the weight of the user as well as any accessories attached to the scooter.

This can include everything from portable ramps so more places are accessible, to grocery bags, to medical equipment like portable oxygen tanks and more. If you need a large capacity scooter, your best option may be a heavy duty mobility scooter.

Folding mobility scooters are a good choice where storage or transportation options need to be considered. This type of scooter folds up, making it easy to tuck away when space in a house is limited. It can also be transported inside of a van or even the trunk of a car.

Travel mobility scooters may be a good choice for travelling because of their portability. They have much the same capabilities as the other two types, just in a smaller size.

With the huge selection of scooters and the many options to choose from, without a doubt you will be able to find a personal mobility scooter that will be ideal for you.