Mobility Scooter Guide

The Mobility Scooters Guide

There are many types of mobility scooters that are available today. They are designed to make it easier for those who have difficulty walking to go about their everyday tasks.

Not being able to walk for an extended period of time can really hinder a person’s mobility and can force you to rely on others to help you go shopping and to the store.

With all the choices though it can seem to be overwhelming, but if you know a little bit about mobilityscooters then it is much easier to find the right one for you.

Range and Speed

Almost all mobility scooters that are available today are electric powered and utilize 1 or more rechargeable batteries. This has proved to be one of the most efficient and safest methods available. It is important to consider a scooters range and speed.

The range is described as a per charge distance that the scooter can travel. Most can travel at least 10 miles per charge and many can travel much more. Much like a car, the units top speed is often not the most efficient way to use the battery, and other factors like extra weight and traveling up inclines can also reduce a scooters range.

Weight Capacity

The amount of weight that a mobility scooter can support varies by device and it is a good idea to allow for at least a 20% extra weight when considering the units capacity.

For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds then you would not want to get a unit that did not support at least 240 pounds. This ensures that you receive good efficiency from your batteries and motor. It is also important to be honest about the weight of the rider and to consider any expected weight growth.


Many of today’s scooters come equipped with solid tires that are either entirely rubber or filled with a special foam. These tires are puncture proof and also don’t require that you fill them with any air. These types of tires do not provide the best traction and support though. To get the best traction you should consider using air filled tires.

Air filled are less prone to skidding and are much better for outdoor use over rougher terrain, but you must be careful of sharp objects.

Wheel Base

Mobility scooters are either 3 wheeled or 4 wheeled.

A 4 wheeled mobility scooter will have superior balance, stability, and a higher weight rating. This makes the much better for outdoor use and over uneven terrain. This is because the weight is very evenly distributed on a 4 wheeled scooter.

3 wheeled scooters do not distribute the weight as evenly between the front and the back, so they typically can not support as much weight and are not quite as stable. The major advantage to a 3 wheeled mobility scooter is that it has a very small turning radius. This makes it great for navigating indoors in close quarters.


Many people use their mobility scooter only around the home, but for some, it is also used and relied upon for many other situations.

People use them while going to the store, the park, or even while on vacation at places such as the zoo. In cases where you intend to use your scooter away from the home, you will need to be able to transport your scooter.

There are several options available. Winches and platform lifts are available for your vehicle and are one way to transport a mobility device. These can be installed in the trunk or in many cases the body of the vehicle if you remove the seats.

These types of scooter carriers physically lift the scooter into the vehicle. Another type of lift is externally mounted to the hitch of a vehicle. These can be as simple as a platform that tilts or can utilize the car battery to lift and lower the scooter. If you own a van or a truck, it may be possible to use a ramp too.

If you do not want to purchase a scooter carrier for your vehicle, you can consider using a travel scooter. Travel scooters typically have fewer features and a smaller range, but can be easily disassembled. When in their disassembled state the heaviest piece is usually around 30 pounds and it can be placed in the trunk of a car or easily shipped on an airplane.


If you can not easily walk or move than you might greatly benefit from a mobility scooter. By understanding a little bit about how these devices work and their features, you will be better prepared to make a decision regarding which unit is best for you.

Brad Brubaker is a technical writer for US Medical Supplies. If you are interested in learning more about a mobility scooter, travel scooters, heavy duty scooters, and more visit US Medical Supplies.